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Everything You Need to Know About Google Pixel 4

Google recently released a video teasing its upcoming Pixel 4 flagship smartphone. The 22-second video was titled ‘Don’t hold the phone!’ which showcased two critical features of the forthcoming device- Face Unlock and Gesture Control. While Face Unlock is very similar to what Apple did with its iPhone X where a couple of cameras group with infrared and dot projection to recognize the face of the user, Gesture Control or as called by Google, motion-sensor is the one creating all the hype. Diving into all the information released by Google here are the things you should know about Motion-Sensor.

  1. Gesture Control? Isn’t that old?
    If you have the above question, you are somewhere right in your perspective. There have been gesture controls in the past where you draw some gesture on the screen, and the device responded to it accordingly, but this time, there are gestures but no touching involved. Google is using something called ‘Soli Chip’ to enable gesture control in such a way so that you can wave in front of your phone without even touching the screen.
  2. What is Soli Chip?
    Soli is a project Google’s been working on since 2014. Its sole purpose is to create a handsfree environment where you don’t have to interact for every little action physically. Apart from being used for gestures, this will also help to improve the face unlock feature. According to Google, the soli chip keeps the device always be aware of when it’s going to be picked up, so you don’t need to press any button to activate face unlock. Just pick it up, and it looks for your face.
  3. How does it work?
    Well, it uses a smart technology that is being used in radars since WW-II. In easy words, it’s a tiny chip that works similar to those big radars you might have seen at airports. The only difference is, instead of looking for nearby aircraft, it looks for human contact such as hands. It emits electromagnetic waves in the form of a broad beam which tracks the motion of hand gestures in the field of radar. The device is programmed so well to pick up even the smallest movement so you can simply raise a finger and the device will follow up the command.
  4. Future possibilities
    As per Google, only a limited amount of gestures will be supported in the beginning, but the number is surely going to increase with time. The two features are supposed to be released in upcoming Pixel 4 which might come out in October this year. And also it would give us the first builds of Android Q as well.

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