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ICC World Test Championship

ICC World Test Championship: Everything you need to know

So, the ICC Test Championship is finally getting started today with the starting of Ashes test series between hosts England and the visitors Australia.

This idea of Test Championship started in 2010 in which it was supposed to be organized instead of ICC Champions Trophy in 2013 but because some teams rejected this entire idea this championship was postponed till 2017 and finally the Championship was approved in October 2017.

This Championship is being executed by the International Cricket Council starting from August 2019 to be finished at Lord’s in England on 1 June 2021 between top two, the winning team will be crowned as ICC World Test Champions. All the teams are going to play same kind of bilateral series as they were playing earlier but only the motive of playing the series is going to be much bigger than earlier ones. The test championship would be containing 71 test matches within 27 bilateral test series. ICC will oversee all the matters, ticketing, broadcast, whereas The Board who is going to conduct the matches in regular bilateral is responsible for any matters ticketing, broadcast, venue, etc.

Participating Teams:

The participated nine teams out of 12 full members are Australia, India, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh, and West Indies. Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, and Ireland are not included as the participant teams. Zimbabwe is currently suspended till October and Afghanistan and Ireland is part of the future tournament program but not this championship.

Number Of Series Every Team Have to Play:

All these teams will play total of six series. The team will be playing three series at home and three away. Each team has their Six opponents of the eight possible opponents. ICC announces that no match will be conducted between India and Pakistan of the first and second tournament and also India will not play against Sri Lanka in this tournament.

ICC World Championship Schedule:

ICC was announced the schedule of World Test Championship and their future programme on 20 June,2018.


Australia 4 matches3 matches2 matches
Bangladesh 2 matches2 matches3 matches
England5 matches3 matches3 matches
India2 matches5 matches3 matches
New Zealand2 matches2 matches3 matches
Pakistan2 matches2 matches2 matches
South Africa3 matches4 matches2 matches
Sri Lanka3 matches2 matches2 matches
West Indies2 matches2 matches2 matches

The Point Distribution System:

Each participated team has to play six series in which they get maximum of 120 points in each series. The number of matches in a series decides the number of points in a match. Understand the points system better with the table below

Matches in seriesPoints for a winPoints for a tiePoints for a drawPoints for a defeat

Current ICC Test Championship Ranking:

ICC ranking of test matches was announced by the ICC on 26 July 2019. According to this Indian team have first position in the test championship. 

New Zealand232547111
South Africa272917108
Sri Lanka37346294
West Indies29238182

Every Team Schedule:


West Indies (Away)2July-August (2019)
South Africa (Home)3October-November (2019)
Bangladesh (Home)2November (2019)
New Zealand (Away)2February (2020)
Australia (Away)4December (2020)
England (Home)5January-February (2021)


England (Away)5July-August (2019)
Pakistan (Home)2November (2019)
New Zealand (Home)3December-January(2019-20)
Bangladesh (Away)2February (2020)
INDIA (Home)4December (2020)
South Africa (Away)3February-March (2021)


Australia (Home)5July-August (2019)
South Africa (Away)4December-January(2019-20)
Sri Lanka (Away)2March (2020)
West Indies (Home)3June-July (2020)
Pakistan (Home)3July-August (2020)
INDIA (Away)5January-February (2021)

New Zealand

Sri Lanka (Away)2July-August (2019)
Australia (Away)3December-January(2019-20)
INDIA (Home)2February (2020)
Bangladesh (Home)3August-September (2020)
West Indies (Home)3November- December (2020)
Pakistan (Home)2December (2020)

South Africa

INDIA (Away)3October (2019)
England (Home)4December-January(2019-20)
West Indies (Away)2July-August (2020)
Sri Lanka (Home)2January (2021)
Pakistan (Away)2January-February (2021)
Australia (Home)3February-March (2021)

West Indies

INDIA (Home)2July-August (2019)
England (Away)3June-July (2020)
South Africa (Home)2July-August (2020)
New Zealand (Away)3November-December (2020)
Bangladesh (Away)3January-February (2021)
Sri Lanka (Home)2February-March (2021)


Sri Lanka (Home02October (2019)
Australia (Away)2November-December (2019)
Bangladesh (Home)2January-February (2020)
England (Away)3July-August (2020)
New Zealand (Away)2December (2020)
South Africa (Home)2January-February (2021)

Sri Lanka

New Zealand (Home)2July-August (2019)
Pakistan (Away)2October (2019)
England (Home)2March-April (2020)
Bangladesh (Home)3July-August (2020)
South Africa (Away)2January (2021)
West Indies (Away)2February-March (2021)


India (Away)3November (2019)
Pakistan (Away)2January-February (2020)
Australia (Home)2February (2020)
Sri Lanka (Away)3July-August (2020)
New Zealand (Home)2August-September (2020)
West Indies (Home)3January-February (2021)

If The Final ends with draw or tied?

If the World Test Championship Finals ends with draw or tied than both team which plays final will be joined champions. Reserve day allow for the final, if net playing time is less than the scheduled five days of the final which is 30 hours of play (Six Hours Per Day) for every Test.

Reserve days only kicks in if the time lost during play on each day is not continue on the same day. Like, if playing team lose an hour of play due to rain and then the play continues by the end of the same day, then net time lost is zero. But if playing team lose an entire day of play due to rain and then make up, it means only three hours over the remaining four days, the playing team are short of playing time of the match. There reserve day will be kicks in.


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