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5 Languages You Should Learn in 2021

Since the creation of the internet, web development has become a huge field to make a career in. Writing codes in different languages and using different technologies to make amazing web apps has a huge potential to be one’s dream job.

Since there are so many languages and newer ones keep coming, it is always confusing for many developers what language they should stick to.

Because the web industry is evolving at a great speed, a developer would always want to keep an eye on what’s being used in industry and what’s in most demand. To reduce the hassle for you to find out, here are 5 languages worth learning for web developers in the year 2021.


Remember JavaScript? Started as a simple client-side validation solution JavaScript has become massively popular in the web industry. Frameworks based on JS are being used widely and are in high demand.

JavaScript is so reliable that the world’s two well-known companies, Google and Facebook have developed frameworks based on JS and are improving them. JS is introducing the fast, progressively enhanced, single page websites to the industry that everyone is falling for.

React JS and Angular JS has gained so much popularity that proves that JavaScript is the MVP of this web world.


TypeScript is an open-source programming language that gained popularity since JS frameworks have become a thing. It is developed and maintained by Microsoft which makes it a long runner in the evolving web industry.

It is very similar to JavaScript, hence for the developers who already work on JS it’ll be fairly easy to get a hang of it. It’s widely used with JS frameworks such as React and Angular and has become a worth learning language for front end development.

TypeScript can be used to create hybrid mobile apps, artificial neural networks, and developing AI-enabled robots.


Python is said to be one of the most widely used programming languages. The wide range of standard library and great implementation features has made python a topmost choice for data analysts & developers. Python can be used in the development of web applications, websites, desktop applications, machine learning, data analysis, networking and many more.

It has several built-in APIs and back end services to measure security or URL reliability. Many Web Development frameworks such as Django, Pyramid, Turbo Gear, and Flash are based on the reliability of python.

Due to its ease of use python is considered to be the best language for beginners. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not useful, as almost every big technological company out there is using python for some of their work. Once you master python, opportunities will be available at your doorstep.


Java is being used to develop applications for the world’s most popular smartphone operating system, Android. As more and more people are getting their brains into tiny screens into their palms, opportunities for developers who can work with a language associated with it are also increasing.

There are alternatives available that can be used to develop apps for android but Java gives you more freedom. Apart from android, Java can also be used to create desktop applications, which is a really big advantage as you would be able to create multi-platform applications by using the same language.


Swift is apple’s proprietary language which is used to create applications for all the apple products. The great thing about swift is that there’s a whole eco-system available which gives you a great advantage when creating apps for those platforms. Whether it’s iPhones, Apple watches or any other smart device they make, you can develop applications for all them by using just one language.



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