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5 Upcoming WD Trends 2021

When it comes to technology, everything is so variable and unpredictable. Every now and then, advancements in technologies surprise us and make it easier to create great user experiences.

The digital revolution continues to create new technologies that developers and programmers everywhere can go crazy about. With the implementation of new technologies, people keep themselves updated about what’s in demand and future possibilities.

To keep you updated with this ultra fast-evolving web world, here are the top 5 Web Development Trends that are supposed to dominate the web industry in 2021.


Ever since JavaScript was first introduced to the world in 1995, it always made the work easier. JavaScript libraries were used to be a trend at some point, not to forget beloved jQuery, it is making its way to dominating the industry with its high capabilities. In the modern web development era, frameworks based on JavaScript are getting popular and the evolution of its frameworks, libraries, and designs for the past years proved that it has lots to offer in the market. No wonder it’s developer’s top pick language as it has a completely new experience of flexibility, challenge, and power. Big organizations like Google and Facebook have created and are maintaining some of the most popular Js frameworks such as Angular JS, React JS, etc.

Single Page Applications

Hate waiting for page reloads after clicking every button? Nope, no more of that now as single-page applications are becoming a thing nowadays. Saving the precious time lost in page reloads and data validations, devs are using JavaScript to make websites that load once and no reloading unless there’s a whole bunch of data change. It really helps users as well as developers as it gives huge boosts to performance, reduces page reloading and also decreases web development time as no need of creating a request everytime you need to fetch new HTML from the server-side.

Motion UI

As technology evolves more and more, the user experience keeps getting better. Transitions and effects keep the dull-looking UI interesting so that users never get to look at static, unresponsive UI elements even while the data is being fetched or some actions are being performed. Whether it’s some buttons changing into full-size windows on click, tabs sliding in and out, or a flip of pages as if it was a book, it’s all magic of motion UI. It’s getting popular among developers as now they don’t have to fiddle into whole script libraries just to make some elements move.

Progressive Web Apps

No more slow loading websites that took so much time to load actual content as Progressive Web Apps are taking over the world. A progressive web app can load instantly, regardless of the network state because they’re built with a new strategy for web design that emphasizes core webpage content first called progressive enhancement. It ensures an instant and reliable experience of users without cache issues. It’s safe because it served via HTTP to avert content snooping and data tampering.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Ever since CSS introduced us with the power of media queries, RWD or Responsive Web Design has taken over the web world. Everyone was creating websites that change based on what device is being used to view it. But since the rise of smartphones the mobile devices have taken over and most of the web is being seen through 6-inch portable screens in our hands. Thus it’s important that the websites work well with the new technologies and hardware. Some of the features are improved touch support, gestures, and better UI and UX.


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5 Upcoming WD Trends 2021

When it comes to technology, everything is so variable and unpredictable. Every now and then, advancements in technologies surprise us and...

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