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Meet Gurtej Sandhu, A Person Who Has More Patents Than The Father of Inventions- Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison is called the Father Of Inventions as he has recorded in history as probably the best inventor ever, with over a thousand patents in his possession (regardless, whether many stolen).

But, you’d be surprised to know, that an Indian you’ve probably never heard of has a more significant number of patents than Thomas Edison at every point did. While Edison had 1,084 patents to his name, Gurtej Sandhu has secured 1,325 patents and listed on the 7th position of the extensive list of most prolific inventors. Alongside being an inventor, Gurtej Sandhu is also the Vice President of Micron Technology.

Gurtej Sandhu is an Indian-origin inventor, who is currently residing in the state Idaho, USA.

After accomplishing graduation in electrical engineering from IIT Delhi, Gurtej completed his Ph.D. in physics from the University of North Carolina in 1990. After completing his education, he got an offer from two companies. One from Texas Instruments, an American computer memory maker or, a startup that was into the market for 11 years but had high ambitions. Gurtej Sandhu decided to select the then, startup– Micron Technology. This allowed him to get more space to grow and venture out.

At Micron, Sandhu worked to maintain Moore’s Law, which was the phenomenon that stated, “the number of transistors on an area of integrated circuits are doubling each year.” There, Sandhu secured his first few patents improving the number of memory units that can be packed into these chips. Apparently, Gurtej got his first few patents while he was working with Micron.

Gurtej is currently working on self-driving cars, Big Data, among other big projects, which has struck his list of patents.

Awards and Recognitions:

A Washington based journalist of business forecast– Kiplinger appreciated his achievements as:

“Sandhu developed a method of coating microchips with titanium without exposing the metal to oxygen, which would ruin the chips. Initially, he didn’t think his idea was a big deal, but now most memory-chip makers use the process. “

Sandhu awarded the Andrew S. Grove Award for his notable augmentations to solid-state devices and technology by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

His pioneering achievements concerning patterning and materials integration have enabled the continuation of Moore’s Law for aggressive scaling of memory chips integral to consumer electronics products such as cell phones, digital cameras and solid-state drives for personal and cloud server computers.”– IEEE

Gurtej Sandhu is genuinely making us all proud by being the Indian inventor to secure so many patents.


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